Communication Skills

First-Class communication skills to bring your message across.

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Writing Skills

Streamlining your writing process for documents and speeches with impact.

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Language Skills

Language skills training tailored based on individual needs analysis.

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As a service provider we cover a wide range of business areas including:

  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Research
  • Financial Stability
  • International Relations
  • Market Operations
  • Accounting/Auditing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Real Estate
  • IT
  • Engineering

Examples of courses designed based on the organisational needs of our clients:

Written Communication Seminar Drafting for Decision-Makers:
Executive  Board, Supervisory Board, Board of Directors
Effective and Structured Writing Speechwriting
Writing Website Text Speaking Points
Structuring and Writing Effectively in Economics and Research Structuring Text Effectively
Writing Text with Impact Grammar and Style for Writers
Report Writing Financial Report Writing
Writing Audit Reports Briefing and Speaking Notes
Academic Writing The Principles of Good Drafting for Management Assistants
Writing for Statistics Writing for Managers in Statistics
The Principles of Drafting Writing E-mails and Letters
Writing Short Notes and Minutes Writing for Organisation Specific Publications
English Writing for Economists Checklist Approach for Fixing Text
Grammar Brush-up for Writers Articles for Writers
Eliminating Syntax Errors in Writing The Correct Use of Linking Devices
Punctuation Introductions and Executive Sumaries
Streamlining Text Drafting Text
Principles of Clear Writing Topic Strings and Information Flow
Advanced Grammar for Writers Commenting on Text
Effective Writing for Policy-Makers Drafting Skill: Compliance and Governance
Helping companies and their staff to imporve their communication skills and to produce structured and effective documents.
Thus we help them in getting their message and ideas across.


Looking for a tailormade financial written communication course?

why our clients choose us

Individualised Training Programme

We take our clients’ organisational needs into account and use samples of their own text.

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Pre-course Individual Analysis

Prior to each course we analyse the individual writing skills and adapt the course for it to have the maximum impact.

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Follow-up Service Included

We offer an optional post-course individual electronic follow-up service at a low nominal fee.

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